PERSENA spring water, PERSENA MINT and PERSENA ROSE took part during the opening of Youlian Tabakov’s . “MOMENTS’’ an exhibition in the Old Bath ( in the hall for contemporary ART)

photos © Tania Varbeva

An event for magazine EVA with the participation of PERSENA ROSE

A Promotion for PERSENA GOLD at the club Planet in Plovdiv

Presentation of PERSENA spring water, PERSENA MINT, PERSENA ROSE and PERSENA GOLD in the hotels of ‘’Saint Spas’’ and ‘’Bor’’ in Velingrad

For seven years now PERSENA spring water supports the Persenk Ultra marathon.

This year at the start line of Persenk Ultra were 400 racers from 3 different continents
and 16 countries. Except from Bulgaria there were participants from Belgium, Germany. Greece, North Macedonia, France, Norway, Pakistan, Poland, Rumania, Serbia, Slovakia, Turkey, Ukraine, UK and United States:

PERSENA with a new visual identity

Natural spring water’s purple vision is inspired by the Rhodopa silivryak (Haberlea Rhodopensis) a flower growing all around spring’s area and colored in light purple. It is known as the flower of ETERNITY

Rhodopa silivryak (Haberlea Rhodopensis)