Spring water Persena with 23 carat golden flakes.
The power of gold was well known in the distant past.It was no coincidence that centuries ago alchemists were convinced that crushed powder of gold added into different beverages could prolong life and return the strength and youth to elderly people.Gold is a symbol of the sun. It’s a carrier of health, knowledge, life, energy and pureness. Scientists have proved that our bodies have a low consistence of gold which is physiologically strongly active. Gold is very often a component in most immunostimulants.Its properties are still being explored but it has been proven of its beneficial action upon type of organs that are hardly responding to regenerative processes like the cerebrum.Gold helps recover the function of glands with internal secretion and helps improve the digestion system.


class:  food supplement
components:  spring water plus 23 carat gold flakes
bottle’s volume:  500 ml
bottle:  PET1
box: 18 bottles in a box
consumption:  for everyday use should not exceed 1000ml/day