A well balanced combination of spring water Persena with natural bio rose water.
Damascena rose known as the queen of roses. The delicate fragrance of its flowers is famous all over the world .Flowers are gathered for the preparing of essential rose oil’s extract used in the perfume industry and the production of rose water as well. Rose petals have an antiseptic and antisclerotic effect and are suitable for consumption, therefore used in the food industry and in variety of herbal teas. It helps speed up metabolism, improves food digestion, regulates the intestinal peristalsis and reduces body fat. Invigorates the immune system, cleans the body from inside and has a mild labile effect. Furthermore, it has a soothing effect and helps reduce stress, lower the level of nervous tension and anxiet, improves sleep quality.
Rejuvenates and hydrates the skin and removes cellulite.

class: nonalcoholic beverage
components: spring water with natural bio rose water.
bottle’s volume: 500 ml
bottle: PET1
box: 18 bottles in a box
consumption: for everyday use