Persena spring water is suitable for everyday consumption.Furthermore, it supplies the body with all necessary minerals for its wellbeing. It has a very high energy potential and the structure of the purest mountain spring water. The water’s taste is sweet and light.
The laboratory researches show that it has balanced components which include 389 mlg/l useful minerals and a high alkaline index PH 7.6. The very low levels of sodium and fluorine (under 1mlg/l) makes it suitable for young children and diabetics.
Proff. A.Antonov’s analysis determine Persena as the spring water with the highest number of energy clusters in Bulgaria.
Water’s purple vision is inspired from the Rhodopa silivryak ( Haberlea Rhodopensis) ,a flower growing all around spring’s area and colored in light purple. It is known as the flower of ETERNITY. In the past our ancestors added it as a component for the preparation of ambrosia for cure and eternal youth.
The spring Lachitca is the starting point of the water’s journey towards the bottling plant .It is located below the peak Persenk (2080 m high above sea level) the one that Persena is named after.

class: spring water
components: spring water
bottle’s volume: 500 ml
bottle: PET
box: 18 bottles in a box
consumption: for everyday use